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Visit Uppsala

August 24, 2006




Uppsala, with 181000 inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Sweden. From Stockholm, it only takes 40 minutes by train, or an hour by bus to reach Uppsala. Both the buses and trains leave from Stockholm Central station every half an hour, and they both cost around SEK 60 (cheaper if you are a student or over 65).

uppsala-from-above.jpgTop things to see in Uppsala

  • Uppsala Domkyrka. The biggest church in Scandinavia (see picture to the right) took 175 years to build and was finally finished in 1435. It is filled with artwork from 8 centuries. Swedish monarchs were crowned here from medival times to the 18th century, and many famous Swedes are buried here including Gustav Vasa and Carl von Linne.


  • Uppsala Universitet. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in Scandinavia, with a very good reputation. Student life is great in Uppsala, various student organizations arrange different events throughout the year.When the students leave during the summer, Uppsala becomes a lot less lively.
  • Uppsala slott (Uppsala palace). Gustav Vasa gave orders to buils this magnificent palace in the 1540’s. If you are interested in Swedish history, take a guided tour held in English at 1pm or 3pm daily.uppsala_slott.jpg
  • Gamla Uppsala and Kungshögarna (old Uppsala). One of the most interesting ancient remains are the three hills known as the Kings’ Hills (kungshögarna) from the 6th century, a burial site. Old Uppsala is popular with visitors. There are several historic things to see, like the old church from the 12th century, a restaurant and a small museum.