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I’m back!

April 22, 2011

after a 4.5 year break all about Sweden is back. Better than ever.

Read our blog for the latest tips about places to visit, restaurants, places to go out, traditions and news.



September 7, 2006


The location of Sandön, right by the open seas, made it an important junction for the shipping already during the 18th century. The small village of Sandhamn with boats and customs grew rapidly. And when the steamboats started arriving, the summer visitors came too. During the summer, lots of people mingle here among the yachts, restaurants and shops. You will find the custom’s house here, designed by the famous royal architect, Carl Hårleman, as well as the cook shack which now hosts the old homestead museum. Take a walk, enjoy a beer at the inn or try the renowned ”sailors’ buns” at the local bakery. Sandhamn is the main hangout for sailors, in July the sailing races of “Gotland Runt”, and the Sandhamn Regatta start here.sandhamn.jpg

Eat and drink: Sandhamns Värdshus, 08-571 530 51.

Seglarhotellet with the Skärgårdsbistro and Alma Bar, 08-574 504 00.

Dykarbaren, 08-571 535 54.


Sands Café, 08-571 530 20.

Sandhamns Deli, 08-571 530 16.

Stay: Seglarhotellet, see above.

Sands Hotell, 08-571 530 20.

Bed & Breakfast, see Sandhamns Värdshus.

Stores and activities: Food store and post office all year round. Bakery, shops, tennis, swimming pool, beach, mini golf. Tourist information 08-571 530 00.

How to get here: Boat from Stavsnäs all year round (SL-bus fr Slussen). Summertime boat also fr Stockholm and Vaxholm. Travel time from Stockholm and Vaxholm 2.5–3.5 h, approx. 1 h from Stavsnäs. Info 08-679 58 30.

Note: If you are calling from the Stockholm area, take off the prefix 08 at the beginning of phone numbers. If you are calling from abroad or a foreign cell phone, add country code +46, and take off the first 0. Ex: +46 8 679 5830.


Latest opinion poll on the election

September 5, 2006

In the latest opinion poll, conducted between August 28 and September 3, the lead for the Alliance has decreased. They now have 48.9% against 46.9% for the Social Democratic block.


Moderaterna leader Reinfeldt against current Prime Minister Persson of the Social Democrats on September 17th.

Ferries to and from Sweden

August 28, 2006

vikingline.JPGSeveral cities in sweden are easy to reach by ferry. While some ferry lines are simply used as a mode of transportation, others are mainly for pleasure. The biggest cruise companies are Viking Line and Silja Line (Stockholm – Finland). These are all the routes you can take to and from Sweden and which ferry company that does the route. You can often get very good deals on tickets, especially if you are willing to sleep under car deck, and last minute deals.

Stockholm – Helsinki (Helsingfors), Finland. Viking Line, Silja Line
Stockholm – Turku/Åbo, Finland. Viking Line, Silja Line
Stockholm – Mariehamn, Åland Islands (between Finland and Sweden). Viking Line, Silja Line
Umeå – Vasa, Finland. RG-Lines
Stockholm – Tallinn, Estonia. Tallink
Stockholm – Riga, Latvia. Tallink
Nynäshamn (Stockholm) – Ventspils, Latvia. Scandlines
Karlshamn – Ventspils, Latvia. Scandlines
Nynäshamn (Stockholm) – Gdansk, Poland

Karlskrona – Gdynia, Poland. Stena Line
Göteborg – Fredrikshavn, Denmark. Stena Line
Helsingborg – Helsingör, Denmark. Scandlines, HH Ferries
Varberg – Grenå, Denmark. Stena Line
Strömstad – Sandefjord, Norway. Color Line
Helsingborg – Oslo, Norway. DFDS Seaways
Göteborg – Kiel, Germany. Stena Line
Trelleborg – Travemunde, Germany. TT-Line
Trelleborg – Rostock, Germany. TT-Line, Scandlines
Trelleborg – Sassnitz, Germany. Scandlines
Göteborg – Newcastle, England. DFDS Seaways


Stena Line route map (above) and DFDS Seaways route map (below)