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Alliance wins election

September 23, 2006

regeringen.gifThe Alliance won the Swedish election with about 48% against 46% for the Social Democrats and its allies. The new Prime Minister will be Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party, since his party got the most votes of the Alliance parties. He will have to present the new government by October 6th and the budget 10 days later. There is a lot of speculations about who will get the most important posts, like Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance Minister.


Alliance still bigger than the Social Democrats

September 9, 2006

reinfeldt.jpgThe latest opinion poll, released on September 8th, still shows a small lead for the Alliance. The latest numbers show 48.7% for the alliance and 47.4% for the Social Democrats and their allies Green party and Left party.

Reinfeldt – the new prime minister?

Latest opinion poll on the election

September 5, 2006

In the latest opinion poll, conducted between August 28 and September 3, the lead for the Alliance has decreased. They now have 48.9% against 46.9% for the Social Democratic block.


Moderaterna leader Reinfeldt against current Prime Minister Persson of the Social Democrats on September 17th.

Alliance biggest in the latest opinion poll

August 18, 2006

The Alliance for Sweden, consisting of Moderaterna (conservatives), Folkpartiet (liberals), Kristdemokraterna (christian democrats) and Centerpartiet (center party) gets 50.1 percent against 45.2 percent for the Socialdemokraterna (social democrats) and their allies Vänsterpartiet (left party) and Miljöpartiet (green party). Several analysts now actually believe that their might be a regime shift. The Social Democrats presented their program today, promising more money to unemployed, lower taxes and free dental care up to the age of 24. Voters did not seem impressed, and neither did Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Moderaterna leader saying it now would be even more beneficial not to work, and where they would get the money from?

goran_persson.jpgGöran Persson – not so happy anymore?