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Visit Skåne (Scania)

September 7, 2006

skane-sanddyner.jpgSkåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, is no ordinary Swedish region. Its small area offers big experiences. 400 kilometers of sandy beaches and big, beautiful national parks. Fields of yellow rape and deep green forests. Peaceful country life and grand city vistas.

Top things to see in Skåne:

  • Malmö. Sweden’s third biggest city and just a 30 minute train ride away from the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Malmö is easy to walk around by foot and is very pedestrian friendly. Make sure you see the turning torso, the tallest residential building in Scandinavia.
  • Kivik is famous for its apples and the brewery where the Kivik cider is made. If you visit in the summer, don’t miss the market (Kiviks marknad) and walk around in the cute town.turning_torso.jpg
  • Lund is just a short train ride from Malmö and also has one of the biggest universities in Sweden. Lund is a small, charming town which can easily be seen in one day. It is best to visit during the school year, since most students leave during the summer.
  • Höganäs is famous for its ceramics. There are several stores and workshops that you can visit and see how different objects are made. For addresses to different stores click here.
  • Båstad. The Swedish Open tennis tournament is played here every summer, and that is when all Swedish celebrities and everyone else goes here. If you are not into tennis, Båstad has a nice beach, sailing and hiking, and a great night life during summer.