Rödlöga is the island the furthest to the east and shimmers in red granite. This is as far as you can go in the archipelago with regular traffic. At Rödlöga there is a small village, but no roads, just wandering paths through wild rose bushes. The islands used to be inhabited by fishing farmers already during the King Gustav Vasa’s reign in the 16th century. Today it is only populated by sea farers, as there are lots of good harbours and swimming here. The summer store, Handelsboden, is run by summer guests.
Eat: Summer café by Rödlögaboden, 0176-870 60.
Stay: No hotels or guest rooms. Try camping or sail here on your own boat.
Shops and activities: Summer store, 0176-870 60. Telephone, water pump, dustbins, no electricity. Info 0176-719 90, http://www.norrtalje.se
How to get here: Bus from Östra Station or Norrtalje to Furusund, then boat approx. 1.5 h. Summertime there is also a boat from Stockholm, which takes about 4 h. Single fare from Stockholm is approx. SEK 120.8ba66199e2ab799608f687ddff8325f61.jpg

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